Friday 23rd August : Arrival at Gilwell Park

Participants would InshaAllah arrive on the evening of Friday 23rd August by 6pm and get themselves signed in, setup and settled in. You’ll be putting up your tent (tent hire included in price but you may also bring your own tent if you wish to). You’ll need to bring your own bedding, toiletries, extra clothes, etc.Then we’ll spend the rest of the evening enjoying a hot dinner, relaxing around a camp fire, taking in the variety of Islamic encouragement from experienced ulama.

We’ll pray Maghrib and Isha salaah with jamaa’ah in the marquee in a peaceful setting, have dinner and stay awake until Fajr around a campfire.

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Saturday 24th August

04:30 Fajr

11:00 – 12:30 Activity one

12:45 – 14:15 Lunch

14:15 Dhur Jama’ah followed by short Naseehah session

15:15 -16:45 Activity two

17: 00 – 17:45 Tug of War

18:15 Asr Jamaa’ah After Asr we have an Islamic discourse / Q & A session.

20:10 Maghrib Jama’ah thereafter dinner

21:30 Isha Jama’ah

22:00 Camp fire and stories


Sunday 25th August

04:30 Fajr

10:30 Breakfast

11:15 Football / other outdoor sports, Running / egg and spoon race etc?

12:45 showers and tidy up

13:15 Dhur Jamaa’ah, followed by short naseehah and closing remarks.

14:00 Salams and depart.

Activities Available

3G Swing
As a team, you will pull two people at a time towards the top of the swing. The pair will go as high as they dare and once suspended, will pull the ripcord – releasing them into an exhilarating swing as gravity takes its force!

Work with a partner to travel up this vertical assault course. Negotiate the balance beam, hanging tyres and cargo nets to reach the summit. A real challenge.

Jacob’s Ladder
The only way to succeed in this challenge is to work together. How high can your team get off the ground? This activity tests teamwork and agility as the beams get further apart the higher you go.

High All Aboard
Working together as a team of four, you will all aim to climb to the top of the pole and fit on a small platform high in the air – requires bravery and teamwork to succeed. Do you have the courage to lean out together?

Crate Stacking
Standing on top of the stack, how high can you build it before it comes crashing down? Requiring balance and confidence, this activity will push you to your personal limits whilst encouraging team working and communication.

Rifle Shooting
An excellent opportunity to learn a skill that requires concentration and a good eye for accuracy to hit your targets. As this activity uses .177 air rifles, strict range discipline is maintained at all times. Requires parental consent.

Zip wire
Travel at high speed while suspended and harnessed from an overhead cable. Determination and courage required.

Requires precision, control and a steady hand. Learn and develop the techniques required to hit your targets, just like Robin Hood.

Fellow group members will master the art of belaying as you develop your climbing technique on our purpose-built walls. Develop your confidence at height and trust in your team-mates.

Raft building
Your team builds a raft to carry them across the water – hopefully without sinking or falling in! Develop communication, teamwork and logistical skills. Instructors will provide support and ideas, but ultimately it’s planning and cooperation that are vital to success.

Coracle Building
Learn to build a coracle (a simple basket-like boat) and paddle across the water. Instructors will provide support and ideas, but ultimately it’s planning and construction skills that are vital to success

Tomahawk Throwing b
In this exciting activity, participants are put through their paces testing skill and accuracy using specially made Throwing Tomahawks. Can you hit the bullseye?

Men Only

Under 16? You’ll need to bring a parent or guardian.

Under 12’s are more than welcome at the retreat for the 2 days but the venue dictates we are unable to allow under 12’s to take part in the physical activities due to height restrictions and health & safety. Everything else, you can take part in.


2 nights Tent

2 activities



Not Included

Sleeping bag

Activities not purchased


Gilwell Park
Bury Road, Chingford
E4 7QW
United Kingdom

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